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9 Feb 2015 ‚IBC' Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Sartorius. EN-I. Table of 1801. 1802. 1803. 1804. 1805. 1806. 1807. 113. 226. 1808. 1809. DIN EN ISO 9001. Sartorius AG, Weighing Technology. Sartorius LC / AC - Balances. Service Manual. W--5026-e02112. Sartorius AG, Weighing Technology 1601 MP 8, 1602 MP 8 und 1612 MP 8. Installation and Operating Instructions .. Sartorius AG reserves the right to make change to the technology, features Sartorius cross reference balance equivalent. you can even download the operation manual and you can read in detail the specs, Sartorius AC121S, 121, g, 0.1, mg, 95, Quintix 124-1S Sartorius 1801, 110, g, 0.1, mg, 85-86, CP124S. STOP Stops centrifugation or washing manually. SALINE .. Weight approx. 10 kg. Cat. No. 1801. 1801-01. Fast and reliable haematocrit determination.Accompanying Literature. The Sartorius Micro Instruction Manual, publ. no. WMC6011-e93091, contains these sections: Installation Instructions. How to Operate 10 Oct 1990 Refer to TM 750-244-3 for instructions covering the destruction of Army analytical balance. Installation and operating instructions sartorius 98648-006-98. Sartorius Basicplus. Electronic Semi-micro-, Analytical and Precision Balances. Installation and Operating Instructions Please read these installation and operating instructions carefully be- fore operating The Sartorius Basic Balance is designed to provide reliable weighing. Sartorius Basiclite Series. Sartorius Gemlite Series. Electronic Precision Balances and Precious Metal Scales. Operating Instructions. 98648-008-55

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